Day 12: Breathing in Saturday

This is day 12 of 31 Days in the Word.

Writing a blog post every day for 31 days straight is no easy task. Therefore, I’m trying to make things a little easier by writing shorter posts on the weekends consisting of Sunday blessings and now, Saturday updates.

So far, today has been a day of sorting through old photos, playing board games, and listening to the newest episodes of the best radio drama ever, Adventures in Odyssey. (By the way, you should listen to the latest Odyssey episodes, a three-parter called “Life Expectancy.” I plan on writing more about this excellent story in the near future, so stay tuned).

I don’t slow down much during the week — at least, not in truly restful ways. Yesterday, I wrote that “my mind and my life are full of many things, but I can’t seem to settle on any one of them long enough to rest in the exploration.”

Sometimes, I like that. I like when busyness numbs the ache or the confusion or the things that trouble me about this world or about the state of my spirit. The thing is, though, when busyness drowns out the bad, it drowns out the good as well. And even when it drowns out the bad, well, it doesn’t kill the bad, it just holds it captive for a time at the bottom of the pool.

There are things that need to get done and habits that need to change and preparations that need to be made, but right now, I’m learning to breathe in Saturday and breathe out gratitude for the rest and the people right in front of me.

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